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I have been trying to come up with a quicker way to enter time in my workbooks than typing in 00:00. I have decided that I can just use general and let the program enter a decimal point. The problem is that when I enter 2240, I don't get 22.40, I get 22.4. Is there anyway to force this to enter all of the numbers that I type?



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@Monte_Salyards Well, the last thing to do would be to format the cells with these "time entries" to be displayed with two decimals. (Ctrl-1, Number, Decimal places, 2). Or on the home ribbon, look for and press the icon  Increase Decimals in the Number group.

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The standard format for numbers is two decimals. I can change that in advanced options, but the problem is that when I enter 22.40, the entry shows as 22.4. If I were to enter 22.41, then the entry would show as 22.41.

@Monte_Salyards If you first format the range where you want to put the time entires as a number with two decimals and set Excel to automatically display two decimal places, entering 2240 shall return 22.40.

Likewise 1000 will return 10.00