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Hello and thank you for your time.

I am wanting to create a formula similar to a IF formula. I have used IF formulas as simple as =IF(A1="January",+B1,0). What I am trying accomplish is a similar function but the A1 to be a range of cells it looks up to see if they say "January" then if true add together other cells. Example I have tried but wont work =IF(A1:A10="January",+B1:B10). We farm and I keep track of our grain sales by month and how many bushels we have sold each month, that's why I am trying to get a formula to look up in a range and if it says January then it adds the amount of bushels we have sold for January in one cell instead of a table. Thank you very much for your time. I am happy to share my worksheets if that would help anyone

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Try SUMIFS() or even better use a pivot table.