Need Help With Capital Letter Date Formatting

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I use Excel with the English language, but I live in a country where Portuguese is the main language. When I try to format date cells to only show the month (as in: "mmmm"), it shows the English name for that month (January, for example). When I try to format date cells to show the month in Portuguese (as in: "[$-pt-BR] mmmm"), it shows the Portuguese name for that month but it is all lower caps (it shows janeiro, for example). I would like to only change the first letter of the month to capital letter (resulting in Janeiro, relating to the example above). I've tried to find solutions online, but I couldn't find anything. Thank you in advance to whoever reads this.

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As far as I can tell from an internet search, month names are not capitalized in Portuguese, unlike in English. Excel follows this convention, hence janeiro, feverero etc. There is no custom format that capitalizes the month names.

You can use a formula though: with a date (any format) in D2, enter this formula in E2:


=PROPER(TEXT(D2, "[$-pt-BR]mmmm"))


This can be filled down.