Need help with broken formulas

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Hi everyone,


I have this problem with a new computer, where I simply cannot perform a formula that is referencing something else - it always appears the warning of broken formula. Example:


1) When I start to write =Vlookup(B2; the warning appears immediately... I have the same problem with pretty much every other formula, SUMIF, etc... 


Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

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Please share the Workbook with us and let us examine the issue!

 As Mr.Rajesh Sinha  has already recommended, send a file (without sensitive data) so that you can be helped faster and more precisely.

It would be an avantage if you added the Excel version and the operating system to the information.


Nevertheless, here is some information in advance.


How to avoid broken formulas


Thank you for your understanding and patience

Hope I was able to help you.



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You seems to have a "mixed language" system since you use a English formula but Semicolon (;) as separator. Try using a comma (,) instead of Semicolon (;).


If you want to use ; as separator you probably have to change language/regional settings.


@MindreVetande, Thanks a lot! It was exactly that!