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I'm not a very advanced Excel user but need to create a function in the first column of the following table, in which the formula returns the word 'multiple' if the "AttributeID" column has the same number in multiple rows, or returns the word 'single' if it does not.  Is it better to use a CountIf formula or a Lookup formula? and how do I define the criteria in which to return the 'multiple or single result?

Single or Multiple?TypeMetricIdMetricNameDisplay NameParentIdAttributetypeIdAttributeIdAttributeTypeLevel1AttributeTypeLevel2SpssVariableLoopSpssValue
 Custom Brand9645CorollaCorolla9241177391286Custom BrandCorollaQ1_2f02068
 Custom Brand9646CamryCamry9241177391287Custom BrandCamryQ1_2f020698
 Custom Brand9647CamryCamry9241177391287Custom BrandCamryQ1_2f020699
 Custom Brand14887CrosstrekCrosstrek4653177391291Custom BrandCrosstrekQ1_3a03011
 Custom Brand14888OutbackOutback4653177391294Custom BrandOutbackQ1_3a03012
 Custom Brand14891OutbackOutback4653177391294Custom BrandOutbackQ1_3a03014
 Custom Brand14893OutbackOutback4653177391294Custom BrandOutbackQ1_3a03016
 Custom Brand14894FusionFusion5291177391299Custom BrandFusionQ1_3a03017
 Custom Brand14895SuburbanSuburban6100177391300Custom BrandSuburbanQ1_3a03018
 Custom Brand14896EnclaveEnclave3256177391301Custom BrandEnclaveQ1_3a03019
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You can try this formula.


Thank you @QuadruplePawn - that worked. Appreciate your help!