Need help with an ActiveX TextBox

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Can anyone give me advice as to how I would stop my ActiveX TextBox from resizing the font inside the box every time I click outside of the box and back inside the box? The TextBox border also appears to get larger as well. Here are three photos showing what I mean. The first photo is when I have just inserted the ActiveX TextBox and how it looks before I do anything. The second photo shows the size of the font after I have clicked outside the TextBox into any cell and then click back into the TextBox. The third photo shows how the font has grown again after I clicked outside the TextBox again. TIA for any help or suggestions you might have.


How textbox appears before I do anythingHow textbox appears before I do anythingAfter 1 click outside of textbox.After 1 click outside of textbox.after two clicks outside of textbox.after two clicks outside of textbox.

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I don't have a clue why that happens, but I wonder why you're using a text box. Why not let the user enter the search term in a cell? You can use the Worksheet_Change event procedure to handle changes in the cell.