Need help with a greater than or equal to fomula

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Hello. I am trying to run a report that will confirm if an invoice was dated on or before 01/01/2020.  The formula I am using works only if the invoices are dated before the date specified, it does not include anything invoiced on 01/01/2020.  I receive a NO in the cell if anything is dated 12/31/2019 but I also get a NO in the cell if the invoice is dated 01/01/2020.  I have been looking at this spreadsheet for too long and I am unable to figure it out.  This is the formula I am using:




F2 is the cell with the invoice date.  $O$1 is the cell with 01/01/2020 filled in it.  I didn't generate this formula and I am unfamiliar with the $ symbol and what it does.  I am sure this is just a simple fix, hoping someone can share some guidance.  Thank you!

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Please change it to this (add the "="):