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Hello,  I am brand new here and I am trying to figure out a formula that will do the following:

My timelines require me to count consecutive days but the final day cannot end on a weekend or holiday.  I am not counting just business days so the WORKDAY or WORKDAYS.INT OR NETWORKDAYS.INT seem to be working.  


For example: 

Mutual Acceptance = X

Day 1 = starts counting the next day (this seems to work automatically when counting consecutive days)

Contingency 1 is due in 17 consecutive days but it cannot end on a weekend or holiday (I have a list of the state holidays)


Does anyone have a formula?

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=WORKDAY(AcceptanceDate+16, 1, HolidayRange)


The formula first adds 16 consecutive days (including weekends and holidays), then uses the WORKDAY function to go to the next business day.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you so much!  This is working.