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Hey amigos


I need your help. I'm trying to write a formula for my excel document. I have a sheet with a lot of rows in which is a lot of unnecessary information. I need formula to find in those cells a specific range of word and delete everything till that word, how can I do this? I will add some pics how I need that formula to work :))


This is my range of word that I need to find in sentence:



This is my info that I need to fix:



And in the end I need formula to work like this: 




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@Splash1950 The formula in the attached workbook might work for you. Note that the list of words to search for is in a named range called "keywords".





=MID(A1,FIND("@",SUBSTITUTE(A1," ","@",LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1," ",""))-1))+1,100)


How To Extract Last Two Words From Text Strings In Excel?

a none Microsoft site


Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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@Splash1950  For dynamic array approach you can try BYROW() function. See the attached file.


Non array approach.





Thank you so much