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I am building a dynamic worksheet in which when I put the data in the master sheet (say Sheet1), then all the data in the sheet3 automatically populates and calculates the desired results. Since the data size could change, I build the formula for 10,000 rows (assuming the rows would be lesser than 10k). Now, I am facing a problem with counting the errors.


In the formula sheet, one of the column is showing the names of the supervisors and the other column shows the error type made by the analyst. If there is no error, then the cell is blank. I need to count the errors under respective supervisors only if error type is not blank. 


I have added a picture to help you understand the issue. Please help me create a formula.


Thank you in advance.



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Two methods that spring to mind...
1) Add a new column which looks at the cell to the left under "Error Type" and put in a formula...
=If(cell to the left ="","",1)

Supervisor-3 total =COUNTIFS(supervisor column,"Supervisor-3",New column,1))

2) Create a Pivot Table, takes about 5 seconds.