Need help with a complex max formula excluding previous responses

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Help!  I am trying to locate a max value within a subdivision of the group (either age group or Division 1 or 2) that would exclude certain other values from being returned as values.  It's for a score sheet.  Basically, you can only win the highest award you qualify for and are excluded for lower awards in certain areas.  I'm attaching the sheet for reference.  The highlighted cells are the values I'm looking for, but I know I can manipulate the formula from one to meet the others.  Please let me know if this makes sense!  Thanks in advance!

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I took a look at your worksheet and understand the concept you're trying to accomplish.  However, even after reviewing the data it seems unclear of how you expect to derive the values?


Some things that would be helpful in answering your question is:  


1. Provide complete data so the community can fully understand your inquiry

2. What worksheet columns are we supposed to use to derive these values?  Contestant Worksheet?  Columns G, I and Q?  It looks like this sheet is incomplete?

3. Give a Before and After Example

4. Your "Crowning" worksheet is unclear.  Not sure what Column A an B Signify?


The more time you take to explain the issue the easier it will be for someone to reply with an answer.