Need Help with a Basic Inventory List with In/Out column

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Hi all. 


I need your help for a basic inventory count I have in work.


What I need to do is have the quantity of an item change by the amount entered in the in/out section (e.g. if somebody enters code M2 and then "-5" in the "In/Out" column, the quantity should decrease to 9.) 


Here is an example of what I have below. I have already created a drop down section for the Codes (There a many more rows, this is just a snippet.)

CodeItem Quantity   DateCodeIn/OutPsychologist


Can anyone help me in going about to achieve this? A pre made excel would be even more appreciated.


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I'm attaching one that I created a little over a year ago responding to another request here at the tech community forum. This workbook has a couple tabs and some commentary to describe how to use it. Basically, you begin with an "initialize" for each item in the activity log, and then as things come in or go out, they add to or subtract from that number and the current inventory is shown in the Inventory tab.


This workbook uses some of the most recently added functions in Excel, so you will need a current version installed.

@mathetes  This solved my problem. Thank you so so much!