Need help using the Power Query tool

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Hi Guys,

So I have a question regarding the Power Query tool (2013)/ Get and Transform Data (2016). I'm using the 2013 version myself but I don't think that matters.

What I ultimately want is to create a table in excel where every time-interval, preferably a minute or less, a new column is added with the prices of a number of cryptocurrencies added.

As of right now I have created a table where the values inside the table are simply updated to the most recent price. I have done this by creating the query and use the import from web option. (I have imported from the API of coinmarketcap) Now this works fine and all, but like I said, what I want is a sort of a time-frame. (Note that the website itself does not contain this time frame, what I want is that the current price is stored in column 1, the price in one minute in column 2, next one in column 3 etc. etc.)

Now I feel like I have tried all the default options in excel and I can't find it anywhere. I'm not too good with coding (I might understand some code but am not able to write it from scratch myself), so trying the advanced option hasn't helped me either. Also I have not been able to find this problem anywhere else, so I really can't seem to find the answer...

Is there anyone who can help me? Would be greatly appreciated.

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