Need help using a "FIND" with a "If"

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I am trying to create a simple way of showing availability for a form. The codes represent times and dates before and after the event. For example:


"-4d" = 4 Days before the event available during the day

"-2e" = 2 Days before the event available during the evening


In a single column the database exports all their availability into one cell. Example:

-4d, -6d, -1d, -5d, 0d, -1e, -5e, -6e, 2d, 5d, -3d, 3d, 8d, 3e, 0e, -4e, -2d, -2e, 1e, 1d, 2e, -3e, 8e, 6d, 6e


Now in the column labeled "-4d", I want to take the one part of the value (ie "-4d") and show that they are available that day and instead of the result being a "1", I want it to return the result as "Yes". And if they on a day like "-1d" it would leave a separate column empty because there is no returned value.


Here is the line I came up with, but it is not working. Please help:




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I figured it out, so I thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for this:




That fixed the problem and did what I needed.