Need help trying to extract data from a large worksheet

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I have a worksheet with 20+ columns.  I want to extract only specific columns of information in the rows that have a specific date. (i.e.) I want the project name, amount and comments for only the data with a date of 7/1/22.

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If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021:


Let's say the data range is A2:Z1000 on a sheet named Data.

The date is in column D, and the columns you want to extract are A, F and P (columns 1, 6 and 16)

The date 7/1/22 is on another sheet in A2.

In (for example) B2, enter the formula



This was very helpful. I have one more piece of criteria. If column F was a value, how could I limit the results to column F <> zero.