Need help to fix a probable bug in Excel

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Hi, I am having an issue only since few days with an Excel file. It also started with the computer of a colleague since mid-april.

Here is the (simplified) file :

When I delete a line, raw 14 for instance, some images below are resizing/reshaping, despite they are told to follow and reshape only according to their own cell (in their properties) !

Many persons are using this file since few years, and never such thing had happen.

Seems like it is a bug, because when I want to 'undo' the deleting of the line, the images keep their bad/ugly shape and there is nothing I can do.

I feel like it is related to an update of Excel, or Windows... but I can't prove it.

Can anyone help me ?

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@Frederic_Schaeffer The pictures in your file are set to "move and size with cells". So, when you delete a row underneath the picture it shrinks. You probably need to set them to "move but don't size with cells".





Thanks for your answer.

Among the things I tried, your proposal was into my scope. However, the result isn't good either. Some pictures aren't moving correctly !

See by your-self in this second example, (I set all images to the properties that you propose) :


And actually, there are few reasons that makes me think that the problem is deeper :

1- the cells, where each images are resized, ARE NOT TOUCHED ! I mean there is no reason for the images to resize ! They should actualy move with the cell

2- this file worked for several years without problems.. Why is this problem poping up now, while we haven't changed anything ?

3- All images have the same properties. So, why some images are concerned by the problem, and some not ? Looks weird, no ?

4- Why my colleague had this problem 3 weeks before me, while we were using the exact same file with the very same version of Excel (I checked the latest update/version).

5- having the properties not allowing resizing, but allowed to follow the cell, things aren't right anyway, because some images end where they shouldn't be, despite they should stay within their original cell !


Looking for help !


@Frederic_Schaeffer Sorry! I don't follow. All I see is that your file is inconsistently formatted. Most cells are merged, some are not. I add/delete/resize rows and really can't replicate what you describe. You'll need to upload some screenshots with "before" and "after" to explain the problem.

Hi Riny,
I wanted to do the screenshots for you, but the problem doesn't occur anymore, neither for me, neither for my colleages, neither the simplified file, and neither the real (complexe) file.
As suspected, I strongly beleive the windows updates of yesterday overruled the ones of April that caused the problem.
Well, subject solved then, by itself !
Thanks anymway for your help.
Kind regards.