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I need help sorting data by order date. I have over 100K lines in two columns with one showing the part number and the other showing the order date. I want to know how many instances there were where we went 2 years or more in-between the purchase of an item. 

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This solution uses sorting and conditional formatting.

1. Sort by Part (A to Z) then by Order Date (Old to New).

2. Use conditional formatting w/formula to identify instances where the part ordered has been 2+ years since previous order:



Bless your heart, i've been trying to figure out how to do this for hours today. A million thank yous!!!!!!
You're welcome!


An alternative could be Power Query.

purchase date item.JPG

Quick follow up. With that formula being used, it is highlighting the order from 2 years ago. How can i tweak the formula so it highlights the order that was placed after its been two years? @Patrick2788 

The formula is concerned with orders greater than or equal to 2 years.

Yes and that is what i want. I am just looking for the formula to highlight the order that is greater than or equal to two years. Currently it is highlighting the older of the orders. Below I've tried to show an example...currently it is highlighting the blue row, i want it to highlight the orange row which is the order two years or greater in the future. I'm sorry for nagging you about this, I really am appreciative of your help here. The file I have has 300K thousand lines which makes this a huge help if i can get this to work.















That makes sense. Here's the revision to the formula: