Need help retrieving data from table and adding it to one of 8 variables

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I need help getting the totals from this:


And adding it to this:


I'm able to get it to add one total of each variable, however I don't know enough about excel to add more data, from a table, to that variable.


If anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated.

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From your description, it sounds very much like a job for the SUMIF function. That link will take you to a site that explains how to use it. 


If that's insufficient assistance, may I suggest you post a copy of the workbook(s) from which you took the images--the actual workbook(s)--on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, and paste a link here granting edit access to the real thing. Images are good, but access to a real spreadsheet is more helpful still.

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Hi @Dylan03 


looking at your table setup, the easiest way would be using a Pivot table. Just select the source table and then goto menu "Insert | PivotTable"


You can place it on a new worksheet or on the existing one:


Then just drag and drop the PivotTable Fields:

Company to the rows

Rate to the columns

Total to the values



And that's it.


You only need to refresh the Pivot table with a right-click and "Refresh" whenever new records are added to the source table:



Thank you so much, it worked and was easy to understand for my 2am brain. Much appreciated