Need help: Pivot table from data model cannot use Timeline filter.

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I have a problem with Timeline filter for Pivot table.


I have a table and create pivot table with selected "add this data to the Data Model". Excel01.jpg

Then I create Timeline filter for this pivot table.

As show below, pivot table didn't show data in Jan 2022 as I chosen. Also the month of June I chosen, the data didn't show. 

I have tried to create another pivot table without selected "add this data to the Data Model" and create Timeline filter and select Jan 2022. The data shown up on the pivot table. So, I think it's because the date data come from data model and it doesn't recognize as date format.

But the format for the date already is date format.


Could you please advice me how to set the excel setting or any ways to use timeline filter for Pivot table with data from data model?

Thank you very much in advance.  

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To my knowledge there is no such setting. Could you please check if attached works in your environment, that's exactly the same sample.


@Sergei Baklan 

Thank you very much for your file It works as photo you attached.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 002915.jpg

So, I tried to do it again by create a new excel file. The result is no problem on timeline filter. \(  ^ ^)/ 

I don't know why it works now. But I noticed that when I drag "date" to the "Row" or "Column" of Field List in Pivot table fields, It automatically create "Date (Month)" for me but I deselected it. (Last time there was no "Date (Month)" automatically created)

Thank you very much for your help.  _/\_


You may disable automating grouping in settings, i.e. creating Date (Month), etc.


However, it costs practically nothing. Never know when such columns could be needed.