Need help on IF & OR formla

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Query is in the image attached. Can someone please help
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@SandeepDaga Try this:



Thanks for your help, I am attaching my result. Refer row 5 and 6, my desired result is False but using the above formula it is coming true

@SandeepDaga See attached. This is what I get.

Row 2: B is not greater than A (in other words, B-A is not greater than zero) and both are not equal to NA, thus the result is FALSE

Row 3: No problem, both are NA, thus TRUE

Row 4: On what basis do you want to see a blank here? That not in your original question. "Anything else should show FALSE". Any two texts not both equal to NA will result in FALSE.

Row 5: B is not greater than A, thus FALSE

Row 6: Sames as row 4; No numbers involved here and the texts are not both NA, thus FALSE.



Thanks for your patienceand elaborate reply, but in row 2 if both are equal, then also the result should be true,

My result changed when I placed = and > sign