Need help on how to do advanced filtering in Excel '13

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I have a spreadsheet with 180,000 rows and want to filter subsets of the data in one column.  The filter only allows me to enter one piece of data.  Too many rows to try to use the select each data method.  

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Take a look at the attached file. There are 60000 rows in columns A to D that are filtered if values of range E2:E104 are found in column D. The criteria range for advanced filter is in range G3:G4. The filter result is in columns I to L. In cells O4 and P4 i entered nested sum formulas to verify the result of the advanced filter.


Is this what you want to do?

@Quadruple_Pawn Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond and offering your help.  Unfortunately, I don't understand what you said or what I am supposed to look for in the spreadsheet.  I have a very large spreadsheet sheet with thousands of rows.  I need to filter a subset of data in one column.  Using the filter option only allows me to filter on 1 piece of data not multiple pieces of data in that column.  

Can you explain your problem in a little more detail? It's very hard to figure out what you are trying to do.
I am trying to understand how to search on multiple pieces of data within a column that has over 180K rows. Columns A - AO and 180,000 rows. Column H I am looking to find for example the following data sets (12345, 67891, 01234, 56789).
How would I search all 4 data sets in that one column at the same time? does tis make sense?


I attached an example of 4 columns and 60000 rows each. Search /filter values are in range E2:E5. The filter result is in columns I to L. All rows that have one of the search / filter values in column D (header is "Column4") are selected and displayed in columns I to L. This could be what you want to do.

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I think this video will help you. I'd watch the whole thing, but I think what you want is at the 4:30 mark.
Thank you very much. That worked. However, I did need to look up that I had to add (*) to my data set for it to work. Appreciate your help and generous time.