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Need help on how I can transfer the formula to another worksheet

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We have an old worksheet created for us and it was pre or early 2000. I want to use another worksheet with an updated file. The problem is even if I changed the values the formula doesn't work it gives me a name error.

The formula is
Ap21 = Current water reading on the meter
Aq21 = Water usage

57.12 $AP$3
37.4 $AP$4
48.4 $AP$5
64.2 $AP$6
93.6 $AP$7



Also when I search MAX or watercharge, it directs me back to the formula.
Copy pasting the formula doesn't work to the new worksheet.

I tried changing the values to fit my new worksheet




57.12 $T$3
37.4 $T$4
48.4 $T$5
64.2 $T$6
93.6 $T$7

but it gives this error


Can anyone help/teach me how I could make this work?
I am new to excel any help would be appreciated.
How can I also share my worksheet?


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You can put a copy of your worksheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link pasted here that grants access to it.