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  • I am creating a soft copy score pad for home use for the game Phase 10.
  • I want to add one more feature and I'm stuck:
  • Column A just show the # of what round we are playing.

Example - I need a formula where if a "Y" is entered on Cell C3 -then it will add a +1 (looking at the number in Cell B3 and putting the new total in B5). If an "N" is used for C3 then the number does not increase and B5 will be the same number as B3.

The rows(see below) of the round played show the score and subtotal ( I have used a basic formula to have a running total).
Starting with Column "B": headings are: B3= PHASE # / C3=MADE PHASE? "Y/N" /  D3=Name - then repeats pattern to accommodate up to 6 players using columns (A - S)

Rows 1 & 2 contain heading information - I have used merged and center on some cells
Row 3 is where current phase # is shown and the score for that round
Row 4 show the subtotal
This starts over on row 5 ( I have done enough rows for 20 rounds (Grand total is on row 42)



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In B5:




You can copy B5 to E5, H5, K5 etc., and then to B7, E7, H7, K7, etc. etc.