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I'm sorry for my stupid question :).


I'm creating an excel file for my football team.


i need help to create the link between the name and the number.


if i choose the number 1 i need the name related to this number, if i choose number 2 etc...

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If you have separate table which maps numbers on names, in any other place you may VLOOKUP the name based on number (or INDEX/MATCH, etc). Perhaps you may submit small sample file to be more concrete.

If Nummber is 1 in A1 and Player name in B1 you can use as examble in C1
the Formula: " =A1&": "&B1 " .
This is the easiest solution to display the numbers and players in a cell at the same time.
If this is not wanted and I have misunderstood please ignore my post. If it is useful, I am happy to have helped you.

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@Sergei Baklan 


just have a look


if I tipe in case A5 the number 1 i need that in case B5 the name will appear

on the right side i made the table M+N 5 (mister x, mister y, etc..)



just have a look at my post to sergei

@CoachK  i'm trying to do a similar thing except to fill in sales prices as i select a quantity from a dropdown list. let me know if you get an answer!

Hello @CoachK,


Perhaps this is what you're looking for in cell B5:

=CONCAT(INDEX($K$5:$M$33,MATCH($A5,$M$5:$M$33,0),1)," ",INDEX($K$5:$M$33,MATCH($A5,$M$5:$M$33,0),2))

 Then simply drag the formula down to fill the rest.


That could be

=IFERROR(INDEX($K$5:$K$33,MATCH(A5,$M$5:$M$33,0)) & " " & INDEX($L$5:$L$33,MATCH(A5,$M$5:$M$33,0)), "no name")


=XLOOKUP(A8,$M$5:$M$33, $K$5:$K$33 & " " & $L$5:$L$33, "no name")

Latest is preferable if your version of Excel supports it. Both formulas are in attached file.