Need help in auto filling rest of the column when one entry is being auto-suggested

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Hi there,

So I have got this task at hand where I need to update Latitude and Longitude of places. So what I have is a set gibberish words and I need to look for nearest word that matches a location.  P1P1

I need to enter Annamalai Nagar in the 977 row, as you can see I have already made more then 10 entries of the same name above, now what I want that is that the lat,long in the column 5 also get's filled up instead of city name alone in the column 3


I have to manually scroll up, copy the lat,long every time and now that I am half way through the file, most of the cities are just repeating, so is there any way I could get the value of column 5 when value in the column 3 get auto-suggested.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Much Appreciated  

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Hi @avidqtaqtx 


If the values are now just repeating, copy all the values in a different sheet then normalize the list by removing duplicates.

In the worksheet that you are entering the new repeating information, do a vlookup against that list that you normalized so it will just auto populate the repeating values