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Hi community,


can anyone help on what is wrong with my formula because it does not generate the return value..




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The formulas look fine on the surface. What DO the formulas (they are different) generate?

Can you attach that in the form of a spreadsheet, not just the image?
thanks for reaching out.

I think the formula was recognized as text inside the cell and not as function.

@Javsite_2579that was my working hypothesis. Glad you got it resolved.

here is the link of my source file.!AjOpel9Zjt_8iHBZkLk9Aqgt6P-p?e=GzfVIe



I think you've resolved it, right? No need to look at the file.


And for future reference, it's generally better to just drag and drop the file to the area below, when you're posting a message. Not to put a link to an outside server.