Need help determining what formula to use

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Hi, I am just learning excel and am not sure how to do the below


I’m trying to count the number of times a "pass successful" comes up directly after a pass is thrown. Eg. For every “GA Chest Pass” how many times is this followed by  “Pass success” in the next cell along.

Does that make sense?


Thank you!

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Hi @BEliza 


Based on my understanding from your post, you can use below Countifs() function:


=COUNTIFS($C$4:$C$13,"="&F4,$D$4:$D$13,"pass successful")


A sample file is also attached for your reference. You may also share your actual data so that more specific solution can be suggested.







Thanks for that, its almost right I think. 


The picture below of a fake data set shows that I have different pass styles that have "pass success" after it. The formula you posted counted all of the "Pass success" not just the ones after "GA Chest pass". How do I refine it to show how successful each individual pass type is separately?






Please use below modified formula:


=COUNTIFS($C$4:$C$13,"GA Chest",$D$4:$D$13,"Pass Successful")


Now it will count all "GA Checst" only if they are followed by "Pass Successful"

Hope it will help.