Need help creation proper multiplication formula in Excel

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Hey Everyone!

Ok, I hope I am explaining my problem or rather describing my desired solution properly, as I have spent a nearly embarrassing amount of time searching for the answer in need.


My goal is to create an Excel sheet that can be used by my bartenders at the beginning and end of their shifts to CORRECTLY count the beer inventory. A simple task most would think, but I am at my wits end never getting a correct count, so I want a foolproof solution other than having to do it myself every day.

I need the proper formula so that when the number of cases is entered into a cell it is automatically multiplied by 24, same idea with a 6-pack, so that I get the number of individual bottles/cans I have in stock reflected in that cell.


Thank you in advance for anyone's' help and if further explanation is needed or even a copy of the Excel file its self please don't hesitate to ask.

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@Lilith1128 If you could share the file, that would be great. Use Onedrive, Googledocs, Dropbox or similar