Need help creating a sheet

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Hi Everyone, 


I need help creating a sheet that can pull yesterdays data from multiple sheets to one main sheet that we will be printing from. I basically want to streamline/automate the sheet a little. I want the "Daily Cash Up" to automatically pull data from the previous day so that all i have to do, is capture the data on the "Main Data" sheet and the "Petty Cash" sheet.


I have created an example on the first sheet and put some data onto the second sheet. Is there someone who can perhaps help me with this. I can email the document through. I would highly appreciate it. 







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Hello @DonevinK

How much experience do you have with MS-Excel, writing formulas, using some features such as filtering, sorting, and possibly some Visual Basic for Application language to automate MS-Excel?

I think you should use this as a learning platform under the auspicious of "Give a Man a fish you feed him once, Teach a Man how to fish, and you feed him forever"?



I have basic knowledge with excel to be honest. I wouldn't call myself a pro.


I do work with various formulas on other sheets that we use in the document. I am currently looking for some advice on creating and setting up this sheet for our company's Reception with regards to receipting and petty cash. 

Why do you have to pull the previous day transaction into the current day sheet?