Need help creating a formula

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Can anyone help me create a formula that looks for all numbers in a column that also has a certain number in its row (19-2) ?



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Try this...
=AND(ISNUMBER($G1),$H1="(19-2)") placed in your Conditional Formatting settings in column "P". You'll need to replace the $G1 and $H1 with the relevant row number for your spreadsheet e.g.. change it to $G58 and H58 if that's the first row where your data starts


Thank you @Nauthstar for your answer, but I did not manage to place the formula. Could you try to place the formula in the attached file?


Thank you very much for your time!


Hi, Try the attached.  You can add new rows and the table will expand automatically.




Thank you for your answer @Nauthstar , we're getting close!


I do not need the rows to turn yellow, but i do need the numbers (Beløp) that are marked 19-1 (Fakturamnd) and so on, to show up in the column on the right that is also marked 19-1 / 19-2 / 19-3...


When i copied your formula into my file, it says "true", if "true could be replaced with the corresponding number that would be great.

excel 2.jpg


Thank you for your help so far!


Hi again @Nauthstar , i figured it out! Thank you wery much for your help! It was great!!

Excellent! You just needed to replace the "True" with the O$2 ;-)