Need help adding hours to time format value

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help....I'm trying to predict the time in which I am complete with processing my volume for my Operations group...


let's say it's 1:00 PM and my volume is 200, I have 2 associates in the process, my hourly processing average is 55 items, so my throughput is 110.  It takes 1.82 hours to complete issues is how do I display my expected completion time?  I want to take the current time and add 1.82 hours...but can't figure that part out.  The answer should be 3:22 PM if it's 1:00 and I add 1.82 hours.  Thanks in advance!!!


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if your 1:00 PM is an actual time then you add the result (1.82) divided by 24 to that initial time and make sure that cell is also formatted to show time.
Thank you! that led me to my answer. I multiply 1.82 by 24, then changed the format to time and add 1:00 to my new time. Thanks again.