need function to move a row from one tab to another tab when a certain cell in that row is filled in

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I would like to have a function that will move an entire row from one tab to another tab when there is a value entered in a certain cell in that row. 

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Could you describe a bit more fully what is desired here, perhaps with an example. What is to be left in the original tab? Nothing? Or do you just want all of the contents of the row to appear in the second tab, while leaving the original row where it was?


It makes a difference, you see, which it is. It would also help--if you were willing to do this--if you were to describe more completely the whole context. What kind of information are we talking about? Why move it at all? What has happened before, what happens afterwards...assuming this is part of a larger process. All of these questions are intended to get you to provide some information so we can talk about design and functionality of the workbook you're creating.


In the first tab I would like to enter words or numbers into cells A1 thru E1 and then when I enter the word "yes" into F1 I would like A1 thru F1 of row 1 or the entire row 1 to move over to the next tab into row 1. I do not want it copied just moved with tab 1 now having nothing in the cells or having that row deleted. Hope this helps