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Hello, Need formula excel  to count of winning games, for example 13-2, 3-13, and 13-8  games won is 2.  Thank you for the correct formula. Cell ranges are D3 tot N3 Gr Henk 

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As an array formula confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter:



Found =AANTAL.ALS(D3:N3;"13*") and working Thanx Hans


That will work if a game/match is always won by reaching 13 points. The formula that I posted is more general, it also works for football games or baseball games.

@Henk66 you should really consider @Hans Vogelaar suggestion because I don't know what game you are tracking but in many/most you will have tie breaker situations 13-15 or 16-14 if it is win by 2, both of which will give you a wrong answer using your 13* search