Need Formula help with pulling value from a list

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So I am trying to figure out a way to get a value to auto populate based on the value in another cell. Here is what I looking for. I have made lists which have the names(column A) and values (column B), but  but would like the column D to pull the value from Column B based on Column C which will be picked from a list of Column A. Any idea how to do that and make it to where if Column A changes it's not a complete mess to change?

Known Info

Column A (Name)Column B (Value)
Company ABC123
Company BCD234
Company CDE345



Column C (User Input)Column D (Value Needed Based on Column C)
Company CDE?
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You can apply these formulas.

pull value from list.JPG

Could I do that for an entire column where each cell could be different? Basically Column C and Column D would continue for 80-100 cells.



You can fill the formula down as required. And you can add data in columns A and B as well. If there is a user input in column C that is missing in column A you can add IFERROR in order to return e.g. an empty cell instead of an error. In the example the input from cell C10 isn't found in column A and the IFERROR returns an empty cell in D10.

search name return value.JPG