Need Excel formula

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Hello Guys,


I need excel formula for my below problem.

Here, Step involved:

I need "Total Cycle Time".

1) When we click the cell "No of items produced", it will ask me to enter Quantity

2) Once I enter "No of items produced" (B2) ( it will calculate the cycle time according to the below formula in the backend)

3) Then, it will show me the "Total Cycle Time" in the same cell (B2).




Please not that here we are giving input in the same cell and getting outut in the same cell.

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I'm not sure this is a good idea. See the attached demo workbook. You'll have to allow macros.

Hello Hans,

Yes, Macro can be possible. But, excel formula is also possible. I used it in my previous company. I don't remeber it right now. I am looking for excel formula here. If it works then we don't need many variable/columns in the excel sheets for doing calculations


If B2 contains a formula, you would overwrite it the moment you enter a value...