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Hello Team,

Can any one help me here I have attached a spreedsheet Where I have multiple sheets, and one main sheet when I update in that sheet it should automatically update in the K Coulomn of required sheets with same Date. Please help, Thanks in advance

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I tried this formula for Sheet1 and it seems to work.

@Shanmukhvarun so it depends on which sheets you will enter the information.  based on your description you are entering on the Rawsheet tab so the basic formula would be:

cell K3 on sheet1 would be ='Rawsheet'!B2

cell K4 would be =Rawsheet!C2

and so on

If you have Excel 365 here is an array formula that fills in the whole column:


it assumes the sheets are inserted/added in order and named Sheet1, Sheet2, etc...

here is the same for an older version of excel but will need to be filled/copied down the column:


Note, you can highlight multiple tabs and when you enter formula(s) into a particular cell on 1 tab it will be entered into the same cell on EVERY other tab that is highlighted.