Need Assistant find the SUMIFS formula

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How to find the values for the RED area?


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You've had 53 views and no replies. I strongly suspect it's because no one has any idea of what it is you mean by "Shrink Sales" -- and how it relates to the rest of the data. You can't write a formula, of any kind, without knowing what it is we're looking at. So could you give a far more complete description, to help us help you.
I appreciate the response for my detail. The image1 where the columns of sales are =Shrink Sales.

That much was obvious. WHAT does it mean in connection with the rest of the data. How would you calculate it? What are the conditions reflected in other fields that might be used in a SUMIF formula? What are the sales figures that need to be incorporated into the SUMIF? Not asking you to write the SUMIF, but you need to explain the columns that are relevant to the red that you've highlighted, and how they relate to the "shrink" part of "Shrink Sales."


I guess the point is that what's obvious to you in your data, what you take for granted, isn't obvious to an outsider looking in, even though that outsider may know SUMIF backwards and forwards. If you want help with SUMIF, you need to explain that stuff that you think is obvious.

@matheltes no need to be sarcastic!!!
No sarcasm intended. Seriously. We all easily take for granted that what we know or see, others do too. I was trying to help you see that more explanation is needed.