Need assistance with Changing date format in excel

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I am trying to figure out why it is that when I exported a spreadsheet, the date is formulated the way we need it to be for further efforts in reporting.  Once it has been exported it shows differently which now makes it very difficult to do some of the reporting that is required.   Why does the exported file not reflect the original file.


Year/Month/Date, after exported it shows as Day/Year/Month





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What do you mean under exporting of file, what exactly are you doing?

@BrendaKY  This is very odd as DD-YYYY-MM is not a known date format that I've ever heard of and not one that excel natively recognizes.  could you attach the file (or redacted version) for us to look at?  Is that column even formatted/recognized as a date or is it just text?  If it is a date I suspect it is a custom number format that someone created and then have to ask who/how/why.  BTW, still unclear what you are doing.  It appears you are exporting from some other program and opening the output in Excel?

@mtarler Based on screenshot result is text