Need Assistance Creating Dynamic Spreadsheet Containing Flight Data

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The below screenshot is what I am working with. I am trying to create a dynamic Excel sheet that updates with the flights departing at the time of refresh. It makes it through the "Get from Web" process and all, but when selecting the data to parse from, the selector wants to act like nothing is there. Can someone advise how to set this up properly? I would appreciate it! 




Screenshot 2022-04-05 230001.png

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@Dillonm92 Googled around a bit. FlightRadar24 isn't really providing any data in a useful format, as many others. But, I stumbled on a site in the link below and that does provide data in a proper table format that you can connect to with Power Query. 

Give it a try!

How do I connect it to power query?

@Dillonm92 Sorry! When you click "Get Data", "From Web" you are in fact using Power Query. Isn't that what you were trying to do?

When I do it that way it doesn't work. But when I open the PQE using the method you described on your first reply, it works like a charm. Thank You!