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Hi all.

I'm having troubles entering a if/or statement.

Basically, I'm trying to have a function for cell B2 "if A1 shows "$60", then display $500, or if A1 is $120, then display "$1,000". If neither, display "$0" "

Everything I try is showing as entered incorrectly.
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Is this what you are looking for? I understand that you want to enter "$60" or "$120" in A1, not "60" or "120".

Your formula is giving me "0" no matter if I type 60 or 120.

Basically, in A1, I have our pet rent, which is either one or two pets. $60 per pet, max 2 pets.

In B2, am inputting our pet fee, 500 for 1 pet, $1000 for 2.

I appreciate the help.
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Enter above formula in B2 and it returns 500 when 60 is entered in A1 or it returns 1000 when 120 is entered in A1 (or it returns 0 if neither 60 nor 120 is in A1).


BAM! Got it! Thank you so much!


As variant

=500*SUM( ( {60;120}=A1)*{1;2} )