Need a formula to highlight cell

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I need some help in creating a formula.




H4 contains the value 10%

G5 contains the value 50

D5 contains the value 42


H5 is where the formula goes:


When G5 is less than H4 and is less than D5 then highlight the cell


I have attempted to create the formula but got stuck on how to incorporate D5




Thanks for any help!



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What exactly do you mean by "G5 is less than H4"? G5 is a number and H4 is a percentage...

At the moment the formula =$G5*(1-H$4) will return 45
so therefore 50 (G5) less 10% (H4) will return 45

So what I need to know is 45 (H5) equal or more than 42 (D5) and in this example it is more so therefore highlight cell H5



That is different from your original description! Use this formula in the Conditional Formatting rule of type 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format':



I'm afraid I couldn't get it to work.

Perhaps this sample sheet will help....!Ai3wejactZJ_licmHMLM2tBCbH7G?e=lUGu3h
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I have edited your workbook.

Made a small change, will work for me.
Thanks :)