Need a formula that looks for a value >0, in multple worksheets

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I need a formula that looks at a cell that has a value > 0, and returns the data for the whole row to a "master" worksheet.  It has to look across several worksheets (and that is where I am getting confused)




Sheet 1 is the Master and will collect all the data from the rows of the other sheets with a value of >0 in column C


Sheet 2 - 4 have data and text in columns A B and the value in C


So would it be best to use an if formula or a sumif and how do I nest it?


Thank you!



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Too much information.

Simply use SUMIF()+SUMIF()+SUMIF().



This is a task that's considerably easier with access to VSTACK.



Without VSTACK, my recommendation is to consolidate the sheets because they contain the same type of data and the same headers. It's best to keep 'like data' together in one sheet, if possible.