Need a formula for data extraction

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Hi everyone. I'm somewhat familiar with excel and its formulas, but I'm having a hard time looking for a formula to do what I need, if at all possible. I have daily journal logs that I will add/create a new log every day, and I need an ongoing formula to extract data from multiple sheets at the same time per subject and stack them in order by date in their own consolidated master sheets by subject. Basically, anytime I add a new sheet, I want to have that date be extracted into a master sheet and be added to the bottom of an ongoing list by date.

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You've had over 70 views and no replies. I'm pretty sure that lack of responses is due to the fact that it's next to impossible to know what you're working with at the level of detail that would be required to respond. Your description is, no doubt, clear to you; but to the reader unfamiliar with the way you structure these daily journal logs, it's entirely ambiguous.

  • Is a daily journal log a single line on a continuing database of similarly arrayed entries?
  • Is a daily journal log a complete free form spreadsheet of its own?
  • Is a daily journal log some variation between those two extremes?
  • How are subjects denoted so as to serve as the basis for extraction?
  • What is extracted to that master sheet?
  • Etc.

You get the idea.


That said, at the broadest conceptual level, based on a LOT of assumptions, you might benefit from the FILTER function (if you're not familiar with it).


But if that doesn't fit, or if you've already tried it and still are looking for some guidance, please come back with a more complete description.