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If I make a custum cell and want to add: [Blauw]€ #.##0,00;[Rood]€ -#.##0,00 (blue and red)

What are the other options posible? I've found [Geel] (yellow) [Groen] (green) and [Wit] (white), but are there other names for colors to use and where can I find those? 

Or can you use RGB codes like (250,250,0) or #7F3939 or something?

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You may find this link useful.




Link from Subodh Tiwari sktneer everything is explained very well ... here is the table in German.


Farben TabelleFarben Tabelle

You can also display the individual areas in different colors. To do this, type the color in front of the area formatting and put it in square brackets.
To e.g. To format the positive area green and the negative area red, you could choose this custom number format:

[GREEN] #. ## 0; [RED] - #. ## 0



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