NAMED MANAGER should have user id and password!

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Hi, it is requested that in NAMED MANAGER, there must be user id, password, so our formulas couldn't be seen by the user, and they cannot go inside NAME MANAGER and see the formulas etc.

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@Al-Ahdal, while Microsoft meets your demand, 3-4 years from now, you can use this macro to hide the defined names, and their formulas, in the named manager.


Sub HideNames()
    Dim xName As Name
    For Each xName In Application.ActiveWorkbook.Names
        xName.Visible = False
End Sub



Pedro Wave

Thanks Pedro Wave for the response. I tried this, but the issue is that, I myself cannot use this in the formulas because it is disabled and couldn't be used in the formulas. What I need is that, it should not be visible in the NAME MANAGER but I can able to use it in the formula.

MS should provide this functionality, like NAME MANAGER should have user id, password. So that when someone make formulas, it couldn't be seen by the other user.