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Hi there, I am new to this Community and hope someone can help me with an excel issue. I am working in a workbook with several tabs where I have used Name Manager to reference different columns etc in each tab. As I have built out the workbook I have copied a tab and renamed the references in Name Manager. However when I create a new formula using the new named references they do not appear. Also when look in Use in Formula list only the first references from the first tab appears and not the new added named ranges. Can someone explain why this is? Is there a way to update the list of names ranges? 

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It sounds as if  you've inadvertently created names with local scope rather than workbook wide. Down toward the bottom of this linked page you'll see some suggestions for how to recognize that situation and correct it.

Hi Mathetes,
Thank you so much for responding and it seems you are right. I see that I have a mix of scope and the named ranges that are not appearing have a local scope opposed to those that appear and that I can use. Do I need to delete and recreate all the local named ranges?



Do I need to delete and recreate all the local named ranges?


That's certainly how I read the advice on that page (assuming you want them to be global in scope).


And then be careful going forward to make sure all named ranges are global in their scope.


@Jan Karel Pieterse's excellent and free Name Manager add-in lets you change defined names from local to global (or vice versa).



Thanks for this tip! I will certainly have a look at this solution.
Yes, this seems as the only way to go about it. Thank you so much once again!