Name Manager How to change the scope?

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Excel for Mac


Name manager has finally been added (many core features are still MIA though).


Edit a name.

Scope is disabled as something that cannot be altered!  Not sure why that should be ... 

How do I change the scope of a named range?



BTW. Apologies for any multiple posts ... I am not sure if there are any but this janky forum software keeps returning me to the editor when I press post. At first I thought that it might be tags are mandatory ... but I am still here in the editor ... uncertain as to whether or not it posted. 


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@PrivateUser1066 If you already have named a range they seem to default to "Workbook" on a Mac. But when you create one from within the name Manager, you can choose Workbook or the relevant sheet name.

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 17.31.02.png




thanks for this.


For me, the scope field is disabled (grey) rather than a list. This is true of all of the names that I have tried (I stopped after the first 25+ !).


I have the latest version of Excel 365 for mac (as of yesterday). 

When I get a chance, I have just thought to try it with a new workbook (Sometimes I amaze myself with my dimness!). On more than one occasion, inconsistencies seem to follow a particular workbook.