Name Manager accomodate Uncodes to follow Excel syntax


IMHO, only choice for users (VBA restricted by company policy) is labour-intensive naming intuitive to other users; one challenge: Unicode required to emulate Excel function style.

Example is Excel function SUBSTITUTE not yet capable of array input.

My formula 

Excel Function SyntaxSUBSTITUTE(text, old, new)
My formula name for array inputs; same syntaxSUBSTITUTEtxt﹐﹛old﹜﹐﹛new﹜﹚


Brackets and curly braces are restricted by current Excel; I need to spend time finding Unicodes compatible with Excel Name Manager. I wish Excel Nam Manager can support better on Unicodes to improve:

  1. intuitive (visually identical to restricted characters) to emulate Excel syntax 
  2. names shorter for monitor width
  3. legibility 
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I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for exactly?
I use Unicodes to name my formula to visual match name as Excel Function so that others viewing formula bar of cell know what it does without clicking anywhere else.
Excel SUBSTITUTE(text, old, new) function replace text containing string "old" with string "new".
My formula accepts array for string "old" and string "new".
SUBSTITUTE﹙txt﹐﹛old﹜﹐﹛new﹜﹚ replace text containing string_array "old" with string_array "new".
Following are Unicodes ﹙﹛﹜﹐﹛﹚ but I wish Excel allow other Unicodes that are more visually suitable. I can provide more details if this is not impossible wish.