#NAME? error problem

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Dear Sir,

I can't divided calculation in excel. Always showing  #NAME?. Please help me.


Excel sheet attach for your ready refence 


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Soumen Maity

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If you divide a number by 0 or an empty cell (e.g. "= A1 / B1", where B1 is empty or zero),

you will get the error message "# DIV / 0!".

You can't divide with an empty divisor or 0, as I learned at school (a long time ago :).

The error message confuses sometimes the user.

That doesn't have to be, you can use this formula instead of the simple division:

= IF (ISERROR (A1 / A2), "0", A1 / A2)

or = IFERROR (A1 / A2, "0")

there are a few variants.

This is how you get the desired quotient (result).


Enjoy excel


@SoumenMaity The #NAME? error suggest that you are using an incorrect function name or reference to a named range that does not exist in one of its arguments. You uploaded an empty file, which isn't very helpful. Can you try again?


oops wrongly thought ... that happens when the thoughts are faster than the eyes allow


Mr. Riny_van_Eekelen recognized it correctly, Danke :))

The reason for the #NAME error in Excel is the incorrectly entered formula name. If you've entered a formula that doesn't exist, Excel displays the #NAME error.


The # DIV / 0 error message I mentioned comes up when you ask Excel to divide a formula by zero or a blank cell.

Dear Sir, Please find the attachment & see the small video clip then reply again @Riny_van_Eekelen 

Dear Sir, Please find the attachment & see the small video clip then reply again@Nik@NikolinoDE 

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Wrong formula



Right formula



The difference is with slash and backslash.

Use slash "/ ", not backslash  "\"


Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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My Dear Sir,
Thank You very Much.. It's properly work right now.

Soumen Maity
I am glad that we could help you.

I also wish you a lot of fun with Excel.