#Name? error in my filter formula.

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Hi, looking for help solving my formula issue. 

What I'm looking for my formula to do.

Input all the rows that have the word "needed" in them into a new workbook. To do So I have been trying the filter formula. 


The formula I have been using.

=Filter('Workbook Name'!A1:S86,'Sheet Name'!A1:S86="Needed")


After entering this excel has me chose the file name from my saved documents and alters the formula to the following.

=Filter([Workbook Name.xlsm]A1:S86,[Sheet name]Sheet1!A1:S86="Needed"


Then I get the #Name? Error.


Not sure how to fix this so that I can automate the migration of rows containing the word "Needed" to other workbooks



Thank you in advance.


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I don't understand. The range in the 2nd argument of the FILTER function should be a single column.


And if you want to refer to a range in another workbook, it has to be in the form


'[workbook name]sheet name'!range